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Ants swarm round wife’s underwear, thought that she will be pregnant but it turns out incurable disease
February 12 2019, 4:18 PM
Thought that ants swarm around the underwear because it is dirty, no one can think it is the cause of this dangerous disease.

The story of the young girl shocked many women. Only a strange phenomenon from the panties she discovered she had an incurable disease. Initially thought of not washing immediately so that ants swarm around it, however, it’s a strange phenomenon caused her to be subjective.

According to the patient, she used to have vaginal itching even though she had not had sex, even felt hot and cold every time she urinated. Although the doctor went to see the doctor, she concluded that she had vaginal fungus and gave medicine to help her condition better.

Then after her marriage, she found that every time going to the toilet, there is a stronger smell than usual. Each change of underwear has many ants crawling around. Firstly, she believed that the old disease recurred should have bought the medicine to wash and place as before. But this time the disease did not see progress.

Getting extremely worried about abnormal signs that appear more and more, the couple decided to go to the doctor. After the test was completed, the doctor’s conclusion was that she had type 2 diabetes. After discovering the disease, she and her husband were extremely worried because they had a plan for year-end childbirth. However, due to unstable blood sugar, giving birth will be very dangerous, the possibility of malformations is up to 22%.

According to experts, in the case of this woman should be treated within 3 years to become pregnant. During this time, a diet that is abstinence should be applied, active treatment helps stabilize blood sugar levels. If the mother controls her blood sugar well during pregnancy, she will remain healthy. Only a small sign but signaled a dangerous disease that surprised many women.

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Nguyet Hang Do

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