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On answering to the question ‘Why do the Chinese eat dog meat?’, a youth made a formidable debate on social networkings
August 15 2018, 2:26 PM
Previous days, Vietnamese Facebook and Quora community have had a fierce debate over the topic of 'eating dog meat', which is accompanied by a thought provoking response from a netizen named Eugene Lim.

Quora’s fierce controversy: ‘Why do the Chinese eat dog meat?’

The problem of ‘eating dog meat’ has always been controversial with the opposite views, between one side wants to protect the dog and the other is the advocate of eating dog meat with different reasons to advocate. Recently, this topic has once again sparked off the controversy on social networking sites – Quora forum, when a topic was created with the question: ‘Why do the Chinese eat dog meat?’

The long and detailed answer from a netizen named Eugene Lim then caused a major controversy between the Quora community. Having re-posted on Facebook Quora Vietnam, the topic continued to make Vietnamese netizens argue about this..

Eugene Lim’s answer has these main ideas below:

1. Because dog meat is delicious, cheap and always available.

Eugene thinks dog meat is similar to another type of meat such as poultry, pork or beef. Eating a certain animal is always an exception in different countries, such as Australians ‘like to eat Kangaroo meat’ (Eugene is a little confused here. The Australian eat Kangaroo meat due to this specie grows too fast); Singaporeans eat frogs, rays and crocodiles, or New Zealanders eat mutton and Canadians eat bears with reindeer. Similarly, the Chinese, they eat dog meat.

Eugene has pointed out his main point that a person’s ‘eating something’ is not a subject to debate.

Respond to the view, ‘The dog has been domesticated as a friend of humans, so should not eat dog’

Eugene Lim goes on to say that some people are raising chickens, ducks, pigs and even shrimps and fish as pets, but they have never asked the world to stop eating those animals. In addition, he has also suggested that horses – another animal that has been tamed by humans – has been battling humanity before the age of cars and trains. It is consumed by many countries in many regions. Just like cows, in India, it is considered a noble creature, the rest of the world still eat meat as usual.

Therefore, according to Eugene, a part of people should not try to control what others can or not eat.

3. Refute the view ‘Dog is mistreated before slaughtered’

The author of the answer also made clear that he did not ‘ignore or support any crime against animals.’ However, he does not support the double standard of animal cruelty.

Eugene agrees not to torture animals while slaughtering them, but also shows questionable questions such as why no one is upset when the crabs are boiled alive and lobsters are thrown into the freezer or oysters are eaten directly.

Basically, what Eugene tried to demonstrate was divided into two big headlines, ‘Dogs are animals, like cows, chickens or shrimp, fish.’ and ‘No one has the right to prohibit, judge someone for the kind of meat they eat.’ To further clarify his point of view, this guy even gives a number of historical and religious evidences about not just China but many parts of the world, including Europe, who eat dog meat. .

Eugene later clarified this view by concluding, ‘I object to animal cruelty and not to the dishes of others.’ He objected to ruthless use of animals for food, such as cutting shark fins and throwing them back into the sea, or fattening the goose to get the liver for food in France.

Fierce debate among netizens around Eugene Lim’s answer Eugene’s views have sparked fierce controversy between the Quora community as well as Facebook. As can be seen, many people oppose eating dog meat, and there are also many advocates of thinking ‘should not judge anyone about the food that they choose.’ Eugene’s arguments are fundamentally rigorous, but he ignores some of the consequences that may accompany such as:

1. The eating dog, in accordance with Eugene is ‘acceptable’ because the dog is now given a tranquilizer to speed up the process and lessen the pain. In fact, in many places like Vietnam or China, the dogs are often slaughtered to skip this step.

2. Eugene Lim did not mention to the origin of the meat-eating dogs. There are places where dogs are raised for meat, such as South Korea, but in other places, a large number of dogs are actually stolen from homes as pets. The dog’s status, though, is in the pet’s pockets, but when it is raised as a pet, the dog becomes a close friend of each family, and no one can feel happy when a friend was taken to meat.

In his long answer, this young man does not advocate eating dog meat, he does not even say a word about himself supporting or eating dog meat. Eugene offered simply ‘extensive explanations’ for eating dog meat from the Chinese and other countries around the world.

Due to the sensitive of the subject, many people have expressed disagreement with Eugene. It turning the commentary underneath into fierce rivalry, even as Eugene himself has received criticism from netizens.

In conclusion, above lines have summarized the personal opinion of the guy who owns the hottest social networking topic these days. However, in an increasingly civilized society, with thought of moving away from dog meat, Eugene Lim’s response is not yet complete.

At this time, the behavior of eating dog meat is not supported by the majority of people in the world, this is demonstrated by the countries that eat dog meat such as Vietnam, China and South Korea are also gradually get rid of this kind of food you enjoy this. It is not natural that dogs are always considered ‘best friends’, so eating dog meat is something anyone should avoid, whether or not they are sympathetic to Eugene Lim’s arguments.

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