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Why answering phone calls while starting off vehicle’s engine or refueling is not allowed?
February 13 2019, 8:39 AM
The refueling process is always dangerous if the car owner is not careful. Below are the notes drivers should know about.

Answering phone calls while refueling

This is very dangerous because the cellphone’s wave can affect electronic circuits that generate sparks.

This sparks itself is very small but because the gas vapor flies and spreads in the surrounding environment, the risk of fire is very high. Therefore, to ensure safety, you should stand away from the gas station to answer your phone calls or turn it off.

Overflow refueling 

This will make some diesel or gas overflow, sticking on the car’s surface, affecting the paint layer. For a long time, it will stain the layer under the mouth of the gas tank so that the car’s value might be decreased. Therefore, you should estimate the fuel loaded into the fuel tank, avoid excessive amount.

Fill the wrong fuel

Therefore, you need to know what fuel your car use, if it runs by diesel, place a decal to mark it to prevent the case when friends or others borrow your car.

Do not stop the engine

Many people do not stop the engine while refueling. This is very dangerous because, during the process,  fuel vapors from the pump hose will quickly escape. If the motor car is still operating at this time, it will continue to generate heat due to the burning process of fuel, air is very easy to cause a fire. Therefore, you should be careful to turn off the engine.

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