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Is the amulet really true in life? Listen to the expert explaining make us feel creepy
January 09 2019, 8:28 AM
There are problems, not good luck in work, life or want to find a faithful man with you all life or even want to "take down" business competitors ... are all the reasons why people seek to use charm to hope for "help" all

There are problems, not good luck in work, life or want to find a faithful man with you all life or even want to “take down” business competitors … are all the reasons why people seek to use charm to hope for “help” all!

That is also the reason for the charms to be sold throughout social networking sites, so just provide information, transfer money and wait a few days later to get what you want. Especially, when listening to cold and thrilling stories, everyone must be confused, do not want to believe but cannot explain it clearly!

But how many people after buying amulets about claiming they have worked? Want to know the truth behind it, you must definitely read the explanations of the following experts!

What is a charm?

The amulet is a type of charm made from long-time wormwood, used to appeal to the supernatural forces to follow the mantra of the creator. Many people said that when practicing wormwood the dharma teachers had to use chicken blood and their blood to bathe, feed and read him for listening to wormwood.

Amulet is a form of magic deployment. There are more than 100 types of wormwood that can be used as charms scattered throughout the world. These are special plants, exist in places where there are many miasma, so wormwood is the Spirit (ghost nature) – the place where all kinds of ghosts love to reside.

Is the charm even real?

According to researcher Nguyen Vu Tuan Anh, Southeast Asian Scientific Research Association – Vietnam, Oriental Research Center: The charm is REAL and a true science, developed thousands of years ago but lost.

This kind of worm charm evolved from ancient times, popular all over the world, no one can be sure how to make charms and use it still true to the nature or not.

The worm charm is no longer sacred

The reason for the present amulets is no longer sacred because by generations, the technique of making charms has gone away. Especially with this profession, shamans often hide their profession, so disciples only watch and learn. Therefore, the mantra or characters on the talismans have been “lost”, no one knows which is right.

People who practice enchantment now do not cultivate nor do they have any virtue, but only take care of them as a commodity, sell and earn profit. Even before, enchantments were only made to help people achieve the desired things, to resolve the unfortunate but today they are ready to make “black charms” to harm and defeat opponents, causing it to lose its humanity and not work.

Tantric charm is actually a form of “poisoning”: For example, falling in love with a charm, if 3 days later does not come back will surely die. The truth is that it is only a form of poison, poison after spreading for 3 days to begin to work, causing discomfort and now the winner must return to receive the antidote.

Tantric charm is actually a psychological and medical advantage: If a healthy person thinks that he or she is being enchanted, he will automatically generate anxiety, insecurity to loss of appetite, insomnia, and now the body will produce fatigue, gradually decline. If a person is ill, thinking that he can drink “holy medicine”, he will surely see his life as prosperous, with hope, so that he can relax and have fun, eating and sleeping more easily

There is no way to use an enchanted charm to cure diseases: For example, many people believe that burning ash of an amulet and drinking and gluing charms will help cure incurable diseases, but this is completely unfounded. Which scientist proves.

The doctor also said: Ash has no healing effect, even the smallest. Even taking ash for a long time causes more respiratory, digestive and harmful diseases than cancer.

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