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Amazing video Weirdo lets rat lick her teeth clean
October 28 2018, 8:48 AM
When watching this video, anyone must be feel truly excited about cleaning girl's teeth of rat.

A rat owner filmed herself getting a thorough teeth-cleaning from her pet rodent. Apparently, this is a thing that some rat owners like to do. The American Dental Association, however, still recommends using a soft-bristle brush twice a day with a fluoride-based toothpaste, as opposed to sticking live animals in your mouth.

This is not recommended by dentists, however Lisa Whittington used this way to clean her teeth. She filmed her pet rat Colby, eating food from her mouth and then ”cleaning” her teeth. She was likely to be fond of letting her rat lick her teeth clean.

People who watched this video said that it seemed to look how yellow her teeth was; therefore, the rat probably thought they were cheese. It was so funny situation.

Apparently, ”rodentistry” is somewhat common behavior among rat owners. And you thought cat people were weird. Do you want to try this way to clean your teeth?

Watching video:

Video source: New York Post


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