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With amazing transformation from ‘skinny weakling’ to musclebound hunk, handsome guy is offered £750,000 to sleep with a male Hollywood movie star
January 16 2019, 9:32 AM
Some of his fans and followers have stunned Zac with their outrageous advances.

He might look like an effortlessly muscle-bound model with hundreds of thousands of fans around the world, but Zac Aynsley has worked hard to beat the bullies.

The 21-year-old boasts an eye-watering bank balance and a beautiful model girlfriend Abbey, who adores him.

He says he’s even been offered £750,000 to sleep with a male Hollywood movie star.

But he hasn’t forgotten the years of cruel taunts from his classmates at school. The bullying Zac faced even left him suffering panic attacks and anxiety.

“My whole life, I have always been put down and told I was a loser,” Zac says.

“I was badly bullied and cried countless times because people would laugh at me for the way I looked.”

Today Zac, nicknamed ‘Mr Biceps’, is one of the most recognisable faces in the fitness industry with more than 500k followers on his social media platforms.

But the Newcastle-born lad says his early life was marred by torment which has lead to anxiety attacks.

“When I was a kid, I was painfully shy and had zero confidence. That’s why I was picked on so much because I was this skinny weakling, who wouldn’t say anything.

“I would walk into a classroom and everyone would just start sniggering and laughing at me, but never let me in on the joke. It would make me feel so self-conscious, to the point where it was hell everyday.

“Because of this I used to suffer terrible panic attacks during the night and anxiety all day. I wouldn’t speak to anyone, my head was down all the time and I was deeply depressed.

“Even today, I’m still affected by it all and still suffer with attacks even though my life and look has changed dramatically.”

And Zac is not alone, as a staggering one in four people in the UK will suffer from an anxiety-related illness at some point in their lifetime.

But three years ago, when Zac was 18, he decided to change his look to overcome his confidence issues and the ridicule he’d felt in his teens.

Zac revealed: ‘I’m one of these skinny people that can never put on weight. I have to train twice as hard as everyone else just to look half decent.

But after months of consistent training, I started seeing results. I loved it and my body began to develop into a great shape.’

Zac, who works out for an hour every day and eats a protein-based meal every two to three hours religiously, continued to hone his body but it wasn’t just his muscles that began to grow, so did his online following and his bank balance.

Image credit: Instagram / @zacaynsley

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