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Amazing story young girl earns billions dollar thanks to making clip ”whisper”
November 29 2018, 10:46 AM
An acting schoolgirl earns a billion dollars by posting ''whisper'' on the social network.

She expressed her ability to talk, tell the story in the style of “whispering” so that viewers feel relaxed after the stressful day in life.

She is Sophie Michelle, 21 years old coming  from Chester, Cheshire, England. When Sophie’s older brother was diagnosed with cancer, she was very upset, anxious, and anxious; therefore, she went to online clips to calm her emotions.

In 2017, Sophie decided to make a YouTube channel of her own to upload the clips “secretly, whispering.” Immediately, Sophie received positive feedback. Currently, she has hundreds of thousands of followers and earns an average of £ 60,000 a year (approximately $ 1.8 billion) thanks to advertising action.

As an acting student, Sophie finds that her ”whisper” clips could help viewers reduce stress and anxiety at the end of the day to make it easier to fall asleep. The clips made by this student have attracted millions of views.

Sophie said that her brother was dignosed with a brain tumor in 2015. Fortunately now he could have recovered. But at that time, she felt extremely nervous and anxious. Therefore, she went online search to help her feel more relax before sleeping.

Besides, she finds clips of the rain or other soft sounds that help her easily go to sleep. She starts to listen these clips to feel calm down when being nervous and it really is useful for her.

By 2017, Sophie decides to make her own YouTube channel. The proceeds from the “whisper” clip, Sophie used to pay the tuition fee. She feel very great to be able to help those who are struggling with depression and suffering form physchology, anxiety and stress every day.

Her fans on the social network is lovely and always gives positive feedback for her clips. There are many people who struggle with psychological illnesses in this life.

There was a time when she was frustrated with the clips she made and thought that things will not go nowhere. But then there was the ‘million view’ clip and now she has 200,000 follows.

Although Sophie avoids all the “erotic” elements in her clips, there are still some viewers who do not understand the work she is doing, claiming she “whispers, chats” one way. .. offensive.

“Few people do not understand my video content,” Sophie said. “I made these clips for the sake of being ugly, simply because it was never my intention.” Sophie considers making clip to be her main job to have a good life in the present, but in the future, when she graduates from, she may change her career.

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Video source: Daily Mail



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