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Amazing roasted chicken with alcohol in folk style recipe
October 06 2018, 11:07 AM
Roasted chicken is a popular dish around the world. However, have you ever known the folk recipe of this dish?

Nowadays, very few people know how to roast a chicken as ‘standard’. Maybe everyone just washed the chicken and put into the oven. Unique recipe below will make your dish more tasty.

First of all, of course, prepare the necessary ingredients incuding a chicken, a big glass of alcohol made of sticky rice, ginger, garlic, spring onion, and sesame.

After washing the chicken, cut slightly on the chicken skin so that the seasonings are thoroughly absorbed, then stuffed into the belly with crushed materials such as green onion, garlic, ginger. Then, rub salt on the chicken skin so that the chicken is cooked golden and reduce the bad smell .

Once all the ingredients have been prepared, make a fire by charcoal, then use bamboo trunk thrusting through the chicken in order that the chicken is firmer. In the process of roasting, do not forget to pour the alcohol on the chicken to be more aromatic and flavorful.

Wait for the chicken to become goden and then sprinkle sesame seeds on the chicken. Now, just enjoy it! Good luck!

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