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Amazing pumkin sculpture of The Joker like real by Monsterpappa
October 12 2018, 5:01 PM
With skillful hands, the artist has meticulously sculpted The Joker face on a pumkin in vivid details.

It’s still more than half a month away from Halloween, but its noisy atmosphere has covered social networks. Clips teaching dressed up as horror characters, making spooky pastries are available on Youtube. Home decorations are also offered for sale. Among them, the images of pumkin which is shaped into scary face are the most popular, they appear everywhere…

The clip below is about a special pumkin sculpture carved by Monsterpappa, a sculptor and designer based in California.

This video is one of his many incredible designs, where captured sculpting the face of “The Joker” out of a large pumpkin using different carving tools.

It can be seen clearly, in the video, he cleverly use the sharp knife to cut off the excess quickly. The face of the Joker is gradually emerging. Every detail is noticed and whittled carefully and meticulously.

The perfect work is done just fine with simple tools.

Many people have praised Monsterpappa’s talent. Someone even wants to buy his work.

‘It is so amazing! Would you like to sell this work?’

‘He owns a magic pair of hand!’ The ‘face’ looks so real! ‘

‘I’m looking forward to seeing your sculptures of other famous characters.’

Watch video:

Source video: Newsflare

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