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Amazing genius dog that learns and read Korean letters
October 11 2018, 10:19 AM
A dog has become the star pupil after he learned how to read Korean letters.

When talking about a dog can read, people might consider it’s a joke. But this little dog truly can read Korean letters, making many people surprised.

This genius dog named Cookie. When people give her a Korean word, she will find the same word immediately.

The production staffs were so surprised at her intellectuality and even asked “You didn’t give a sign to her, right?”

The owner said “Of course not”, “I think Cookie can read”

The production staff decides to test the dog’s reading ability once again.

At the first challenge, Cookie overcame successfully.

The second challenge seems a little bit more difficult when cards are overlapped.

But this is nothing to Cookie, she still gives the right answer.

This time, they just said the words without letting her see the board.

And of course, this question is just like her cup of tea.

“I knew it, why don’t you believe in me”. Her expression made everyone adore.

The staff requests her to find the word “Cookie”.

But actually, this word didn’t appear in three boards. Cookie immediately realize it was a trick so she didn’t choose anything.

The staff seems to be speechless with her talent.

Even with words cards that look similar, she can still prove she can read.

“I think she knows the difference between pictures”, one expert said.

“She knows how to match the pronunciation with the word. It’s photographic memory. She is one of the top of 1-2%  very smart dogs in the world”, another vet expert claimed.

Many netizens praised her intellectuality and amazing reading ability.

“Smarter than me in Korean letters.” 

“Wow! Very smart! Did the dog secretly study too?”

“Cookie is a smart dog! The scene where he is confused by the long wording is so cute and funny. He shake his body up to relax and re-choose again. The expert and crew really made the test difficult for him.” 

“I can hardly tell the characters apart. The dog is smarter than me! Oh no, my math teacher was right.”

“I’m a human but i cant even read Hangeul”

Watch video:

Source video: SBS TV동물농장x애니멀봐

Source: SBS TV동물농장x애니멀봐 

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