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These amazing blue birds actually ‘tap dance’ to attract mates!
November 27 2018, 4:33 PM
Blue-capped cordon-bleu uses fancy footwork to find love. The "tap dancing," happens too quickly for humans to notice — but that's what slow motion video is for.

In many bird species, a male mates with more than one female. This means that females have to be choosier, since a male will have many chances to pass on his genes, whereas a female might only get one shot.

As a result, it’s usually males strut their stuff in a bid to snag a female.

Blue-capped cordon bleus, however, are monogamous, which means that both males and females are notoriously picky about their mates.

Both male and female blue-capped cordon bleus court by holding a piece of nesting material in their beak, and then bobbing up and down and singing.

However, when viewed with a slow camera, the scientists discovered that they were not simply jumping, but the males also made up to three tap-dance moves in the blink of an eye feet at a speed that the naked eye can not see.

Researchers also said that bluebirds’ demonstrations will show mates their physical strength, if the bird can dance for several minutes, proving it is in good health.

Watch video:

Source video: National Geographic

Kim Ngan Do

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