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Amazed story: This woman dropped 150 kg and is documenting her struggle with excess skin
January 01 2019, 10:08 AM
After dropping from 226kg to 76 kg, the girl decided to cut the excess body skin even though she was going to face painful and difficult surgery!

For many people who struggle with losing weight, dropping the pounds is just one part of the battle. Instagram influencer and body positivity advocate Jacqueline Adan has been documenting her five-year weight loss journey with fans.

Owning a weight of up to 226 kg in 2012, Jacqueline Adan decided to lose weight. After 4 years of diet and exercise persistence, the woman succeeded in reducing more than 150kg, over half of her weight. However, the joy is not yet filled, she had to face wrinkled, sagging skin.

However, even though the weight has decreased, the skin has not returned as before. Jacqueline Adan was terrified every time she saw her body reflected in the mirror.

So in June 2016, the girl decided to go to skin surgery, cutting off the excess body skin completely. First, she trimmed her body, cut the upper body skin and the part of her arm that was removed five months later. For the next half year, she cut off the lower skin as well as the skin on her legs in January 2018.

She is very pleased with her current appearance, after 6 years of perseverance, overcoming many pain and difficulties, Jacqueline Adan finally owns her dream body.

Currently, the girl maintains training and inspires an admirable ‘molting’ story. Her Instagram account currently has more than 100,000 followers with.

Image credit: Instagram / jacquelineadan44 

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