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Allow friends to look after kids, the mother shocked when seeing clip her child was locked in washing machine, crying for help was posted on the Internet
December 02 2018, 8:12 AM
The photo of Kacper appearing to smoke a cigarette was found on his mother’s social media page – though she denies having anything to do with the post.

A terrifiedtoddler was locked inside a washing machine by his babysitter who then laughed as he filmed the little boy sobbing, police claim. Footage posted online shows two-year-old Kacper pressing his hand against the door in a desperate bid to open it.

Police say they have also found a photo of the boy being forced to smoke a cigarette. In the video, a man can be heard laughing as the youngster cries.Although the boy was not hurt, cops have launched a child abuse probe. Social services are also involved.

It’s understood Kacper’s mum, a 21-year-old known only as Zaneta D, had left the little boy with a friend while she took her boyfriend to work in Radom, central Poland.

The photo of Kacper appearing to smoke a cigarette was found on his mother’s social media page – though she denies having anything to do with the post. She claims she left her phone at home while she was working. The video of the boy was allegedly posted online by a 19-year-old man named Mateusz S, who was arrested by police.

He was later released without charge. A second man, Adam B, 18, who was looking after the child at the time, was also arrested. Prosecutors said Adam B and Tomasz K, 22, the boy’s father, could face child abuse charges. Mirosław Wachnik, District Prosecutor in Radom, said that if found guilty of child abuse the men face ten years in prison.

There are many washing machine accidents happened that threatened to children’s lives. A 10 day old baby girl has died after being placed in a washing machine as it went through an entire spin cycle.

Lyndsey Fiddler put her daughter, named Maggie May, into the washing machine along with a pile of laundry at her home in Oklahoma. The baby was inside the top loading washing machine for up to 40 minutes before it was discovered. A visiting relative found Fiddler, 26, unconscious and the baby missing.


When she opened the washing machine door she found the crumpled body of the child mixed in with the clothes. In a frantic call to emergency dispatchers Fiddler is heard saying : “My baby is dead.” She can then be heard arguing with her aunt Rhonda Coshatt who is heard on the call saying: ” No I did not kill your baby, you did.”

Thus, each family should be careful while let your children play with strangers or do not allow your kids go to near electric house appliances such as washing machine becasue it may cause bad consequences for your kids and also your family.

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