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The alive leech is in a man’s nose, which makes many people terrified
July 19 2018, 4:56 PM
The doctor took the leech with the length 2.5 cm long from the patient's nostrils.

A man went to the hospital for a medical examination after a long time he was difficult to breathe. The doctor later discovered an alive leech in the patient’s nostril.

In a video recorded by a mobile phone, a doctor uses a laser equipment to take a 2.5-cm leech that from the man’s nose and brings it closer to the camera lens.

Local media reported that the man had drunk mineral water while working in the forest. This may be the reason why the leech was in his nose.

Leeches can suck blood fifth as much as their body weight, the parasitism doesn’t grow its size rapidly.

Watching video:


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