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Alarming: fruit seller continuously sprays “paint” to turn blue grapes into red grapes
September 12 2018, 9:11 AM
The video shows the man sitting and taking the spray bottle into the bunches of blue grapes to turn them into bunches of red grapes and then publicly sell.

The case was only detected when Layla Khan, 23, from Birmingham, visited his family in Afzalpur, Pakistan last month. At that time, after he ate some grapes,  he had a stomachache, which led to diarrhea.

Suspecting the grape bunches had problems, he and his cousin went to investigate the market where they bought. Layla Khan was shocked to see a fruit seller  standing behind a stall and then using a spray paint to dye the fruit.

Image in the clip.

Image in the clip.

Image in the clip.

However, many people think that painting spray can not be “blinded” the consumers. It’s easy for the buyers to recognize these toxic grapes. The clip is still controversial.

Related to the same topic about fruit, not long ago, the video clip recording a person who injected toxic chemicals in watermelon before selling at the market. Netizens were horrified. Many still commented: ” Scared! I don’t dare buy watermelon”.

We can’t deny that fruit is very beneficial to our health. However, you need to pay much attention when you buy fruit at the market. Moreover, it is great of importance to wash fruit carefully before eating.

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