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The African boy bought a sloppy tire to make handmade sandal, a lot of people ridicule him, but a few months later the girls wanted to marry him
October 08 2018, 4:11 PM
But thanks to his hardworking and industrious nature, he finally succeeded in making a successful career.

Malcolm is an African guy, born in a poor family, not educated, not skilled career can only earn money living through the day. But thanks to his hardworking and industrious nature, he finally succeeded in making a successful career.

Malcolm’s poor family is poorer because his father is gambling and his alcoholism is often ousted. Although Malcolm hard overtime and work more, the little money he brought home can not afford to support his family.

One day Malcolm decided to start his own business with his little capital. Malcolm bought a lot of old tires, every day in the yard to dismantle the tires.

The villagers laughed at Malcolm, who had no money, and bought some of this useless waste.

Out of the screams of relatives and neighbors, Malcolm worked day and night. Finally, the first fruits were the rubber slippers.

These simple sandals were handcrafted by Malcolm with a careful and firm hand so that it was durable and beautiful. Each pair sells about 2 to 5 dollars.

These sandals are environmentally friendly and durable. Scarcity of goods in Africa makes these special sandals of Malcolm very popular. After a better business he started to expand the production scale. Malcolm set up his own shoe factory and hired another group of workers. People in the village started to have a different view and attitude towards Malcolm.

A few months later, Malcolm not only paid off his family debt but also became a wealthy person. The number of workers in the factory is increasing, business flourishes.

In order to develop and maintain the market, Malcolm created more sandals with more variety and color. These slippers are all very popular.

Malcolm’s shoes are not only good quality, good design but also very reasonable price. This rubber slipper quickly became famous and expanded to many different markets.

Local people were recruited to work at Malcolm’s factory. They have a more stable source of income and life is no longer hard today to work as before anymore.

Malcolm’s attempt to rise from nothing has been successful, a lot of beautiful girls in the village pursue the desire to get married. Malcolm also brought the future and hope for the local people out of poverty

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