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Adventuring to hunt electric eel, an alligator was electrocuted immediately!
November 20 2018, 9:12 AM
The footage records the scene of an electric eel generated electricity and electrocuted an alligator in the Amazon River (South America).

Owning strong jaw and deathly bite, alligators have very few opponents. Most of the animals living around the riverside and under water become their prey.  However, everything has exceptions.

The alligator in the clip probably has not hunted any prey for a long time, so it risked attacking an electric eel. It approached the eel hesitantly. It did not know, instead of a good meal, the painful death was waiting for him.

And as a result, in order to protect itself, the eel discharged a trong electricity current that killed the alligator in seconds.

Since its discovery in 1776, electric eels have attracted the attention of many researchers with ability to discharge strong electric currents. In nature, about 300 species of fish are capable of producing and sensing the current to exchange signals or sense the surrounding environment. However, few of these species can produce strong currents for hunting or self-defense.

As noted, Electrophorus electricus electric eel (Gymnotiformes, Gymnotida) is the species that produces the most powerful electric currents. These fish live in northwestern South America such as Amazon, Guyana and Orinoco.

Electric eel adult size about 2m, weighs about 20kg. Unlike other electric fish, the body of the creature is very special when the internal organs are concentrated in the head, which accounts for about 20% of the body size, the rest for the electric organ.

The main organ of the electric eel can generate a current up to 600V with frequencies up to several hundred Hz. This is the organ that produces the biggest power and attracts the attention of researchers.

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