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Adventure game challenges the players seriously, people feel organs “reverse” only when sitting on the coracle
July 25 2018, 4:40 PM
Do you dare to experience the game?

Traveling by boat is one of the most interesting experience when people travel the region of the rivers. Moreover, the game named “shaking” coracle is considered as the most entertaining game.

Do you dare to play the game?

When playing the game, the players even don’t need wash the hair

The coracle shakes constantly

Tourists will be able to watch the unique performance of the “shaking” coracle. Moreover, guests will also experience the “strong feeling” when sitting on the “shaking” coracle. The feeling will make players unforgetable.

The player holds the side of coracle tightly

She seems to be scared, playing the game is certainly the most memorable experience

According to tourism companies, almost rowers is the local people who have a wealth of experience. This is also a good way for local people to increase their incomes.

Watching video:


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