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Adorable video a genius pig artist holds his first exhibition
October 11 2018, 9:15 AM
It is impossible for us to believe that pig can paint like human. However, this video will make you stunned.

Have you ever thought that a pig can paint a picture? If not, watch this interesting video! Anyone will be surprised when knowing pig’s outstanding ability. People wonder if it just messing around and faking it. His owner said that it is their – human’s – job to give the title once it finished drawing. What in the name of Sam Hill did it draw? Then he attached the eyes with the picture. It turns to be a doggy.

This pig can paint many other pictures like ‘Cat relaxing on a tree’ that should work just fine. According to behavioral sciences, pigs should not be able to carry things back and forth in their mouth. Other pigs are totally different. Just draw a few lines and a masterpiece it is!

There is a picture that looks exactly like an ocean sunfish. It can be said that never ever had there been a pig like this. When his owner asked him what about to eat, he immediately used his mouth to take rice bowl and bring his owner.

They look after this pig like puppy such as bath, dry and even let him sleep together. They organize a solo exhibition that consits of many wonderful pictures which pig paint. Many people are attracted and interested in these beautiful pictures and made a photograph with him.

Watching video:

Video source: SBS TV


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