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The action that parents have another baby when their first child is small affects greatly him
February 13 2019, 3:17 PM
It turns out that the innocuous speech of parents have a great influence on the psychology of children.

1. You hurt your little sister.

When children are young, they always want to sleep with their mothers to be held and cuddled. However, many women often get pregnant when they are young. So they want their baby to sleep separately because I’m afraid that their baby will step into their stomach and affect baby. Ask the older child to go to sleep alone with the words “You can make your little sister hurt!” Will definitely make the child very unhappy.

2. Mother, you do not love me any more.

While the little baby is crying, the older child is playing with toys that will make many parents angry. ‘’You are too playful. You don’t love me anymore ” will make them think that because you have another baby, you no longer need me.

3. You must yield to your little sister.

Older sister or brother has to yield to little one that is deeply ingrained in many people’s thoughts. Even though they are little child or older child, they are still just children. They all have their wishes and interests so parents need to pay more attention. Because only one sentence from parents can greatly affect their psychology.



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