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Accidently ‘trapped’ to come in dog’s kennel, little boy crying out loud to ask for his mother’s help is so cute
October 12 2018, 9:43 AM
Laugh out loud with his reaction when his mother questioned him

Lovely boy because he wants to help the mother for the dog in the cage that has accidentally locked himself with it. This situation for him is “heartbreaking” but netizens cannot help laughing because he is too cute.

His mother, after listening to her for help, just stood there smiling. The boy is just as scared and angry when his mother cheated him, cannot help laughing with this mother and child.

One of the unwanted characters in the clip is the Husky. Surely he was not able to understand how little the little boy how afraid of being in the same cage with him, “I’m cute,” probably think so the dog decided to abandon the owner small.

Watch video:

Source video: DKN

Source: DKN

Hai Linh

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