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Accidentally met on the street, he asked the girl: ‘Do you want to play music with me?’, resulting in ‘perfect couple’
August 07 2018, 4:47 PM
A pianist asked the violinist: "Do you want to play music with me?" The result was that after a smile, they coordinated extremely perfectly so that passersby can watch a perfect performance!

In the streets of Western countries, you can easily meet street artists, a piano performer, a professional ballet dancer … In the West, people are always open-minded like that. The video below will give you a sense of the openness of foreigners.

He was about to play a piano. Incidentally encountering a beautiful girl, he wanted to know what type of music she plays and she replied “I play great music.” Wandering among the crowd, the girl smiles and leans her head replying to the guy.

The guy invites the girl to play with him

The girl is offered in the crowd


And just 5 seconds later, in the busy street, two new acquaintances gave the passers the beautiful melody.

The girl sings while playing the violin

Through the melody we can feel the soul of the artist. People on the street are immersed in the music she plays, the lyrics she sings as well as the sound of the music of the piano musician.

Their perfect combination

People around the street are very excited and impressed when witnessed this scene.

After posted, the video has had more than 6 million views and more than 3,000 thousand comments thanks for the street artists who dedicate themselves to the unique par in the most idyllic places!

Watching video:

Minh Chi

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