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Accepting the girlfriend who is pregnant with another man’s baby, guy is given compliments by netizens
December 30 2018, 9:08 AM
Recently, the story of a girl named Nicole Tee in Malaysia  attracted great attention from the online community after it was widely shared on the social networks of this country.

Accordingly, Nicole Tee fell in love and cohabitedd with a bad man. She was pregnant after that. She thought that this man will propose and get married to her so that he could take care of her and his baby. However, he moved to another place and left her without saying anything.

At first, Tee was very shocked and didn’t dare to talk to her parents because she was afraid that they would be angry with her but she still tried to make money to support herself. At that time, she happened to know another guy at workplace. Both of them often talked with each other and shared about their daily life. After that, this guy said that he wanted to take care of her and her baby. He promised to consider her baby as his biological baby.

Tee , at first, still hesitated because she had just experienced a big shock not long ago so she needed more time to think. But it was loving gestures and love of the kind man that touched the bottom of Tee’s heart. As a result, they decided to live together so that he could stand by her during her pregnancy. They planned to have a wedding party after she gave birth to a baby.

Tee shared on the social media that she was happy and really grateful to her current boyfriend because in the most difficult time he always stood by her to take care of and didn’t care about the fact that she was pregnant with another man’s baby.

For netizens, the guy was given various compliments because she could accept this girl although the fetus was not his baby. It is certain that he loved her from the bottom of his heart so he could accept everything. Netizens did not forget to send wishes of happiness to this couple.


And finally, the good news came to this couple when the girl safely gave birth to a healthy baby. Although the man is not the baby’s biological dad, hopefully the couple and baby will live happily during the rest of their life.

Vu Tam


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