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The absent-minded old woman came to the kindergarten to pick up her daughter, it turned out that her daughter graduated more than 30 years ago
January 31 2019, 9:56 AM
An 84-year-old woman from Nanjing went to a kindergarten and told the teacher to "pick up her daughter". The teacher felt very strange because she was old, she couldn't have a daughter going to kindergarten.

The old woman could not remember her daughter’s name, only remembered her surname, so the teacher could not do anything and could only call the police for help.

After the police investigated, they found out that the elderly woman suffered from Alzheimer’s disease and her memory was unstable. Her daughter had attended this kindergarten 30 years ago, and her memory was disordered, thinking that her daughter was still studying at this school. That day, when everyone in the house did not pay attention, she went out of the house and boarded a bus, went to kindergarten to pick up her daughter.

Because her family moved to the other place, she was soon lost. And she had to ask a lot of people along the way to find a familiar kindergarten. The family found the old woman lost, hurriedly went to the police and searched everywhere. They did not expect her purpose was turned out to be this place.

When the daughter received the notice, she came to pick her up. She asked why her mother came to kindergarten. The old mother answered, “Let me pick you up.” After hearing the answer, the daughter could not hold back her tears. She used to study at this kindergarten. The mother forgot a lot of things, but still remembered to pick up her daughter after school. She thanked the police for taking care of her mother and then took her mother home.

Source: DKN.TV

Minh Chi


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