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93-year-old grandfather is taken care of by his wife and eternal love story makes everyone look forward
October 12 2018, 10:18 AM
Surely everyone wishes himself and his partner in the old life will be emotional as well as these grandparents are.

If anyone who has lost faith in love, has thought eternal love not existing in life, just read the article below, you will somewhat balance the feelings. The article is shared by a girl, nothing grand or great meaning but the love of her grandfather and grandmother will make people touched tears.

‘My grandfather was 93 years old, my grandmother was 86 years old. My grandparents have seven children, my mother is the biggest. Everyone can spoon-feed him but my grandma is the best one. Grandfather said: ‘You do not know how to spoon-feed on rice like your grandmother does.’ My grandmother always feed him a large spoon of rice, I was afraid he choked but she said: ‘You put such a small spoon, later he won’t eat whole of bowl’. The owner of the video shared.

“The grandparents argue a lot but she goes away from home for a few days, she just wants to come back. She said ‘Your grandpa is alone’. Every time he eats rice, he asks, ‘Where are your grandmother, has she eaten something?'”. She added.

Soon after the clip was shared, many stories about grandparents were shared by netizens. Then after all, everyone looks forward an eternal love like the time of their grandparents or their parents.

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