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The 9-year-old boy suddenly has a cerebral hemorrhage for reasons anyone can have and the warning from his mother
December 05 2018, 11:09 AM
It seems like only the common cold flu, but he finally faces "the Grim Reaper" because of scary cerebral hemorrhage.

There are many dangerous diseases in children often originated from the simple sign that many people expect that it is just flu. Doan Thanh Giang (32 years old) and Bui Doan Hai Anh (9 years old) are just one of those terrible stories. At first, Hai Anh had a cerebral hemorrhage caused by congenital cerebral deformities that anybody could have.

Fortunately, the last miracle happened when Hai Anh was rescued and resurrected from brain surgery, so that Giang can calmly sit back, talking about the horrible experience has passed, added a voice warn other parents if there is a similar situation.

“The first day, my son suddenly vomited in the classroom, lying on the floor, sweating like a shower from head to toe.” She was called up to pick up her children home. He came home without any pain, just lie down, I told him to eat porridge and take medicine, but he said: “I know,mom, do not touch the baby, let me sleep.” My mother thought that he catches a cold. ”

“Day 2, he still does not eat anything and constantly ask to let him sleep. When he goes to the toilet, I found something strange when looking at his dung. When I was carrying him, his legs did not bump into me, so he is so heavy. Later I knew when bleeding the brain, the nervous system can’t control the limbs so limbs do not want to move.

At first, the doctor diagnosed that he has food poisoning, the boy did not eat anything more than a day so exhausted and only need 1-2 water bottles to support. Abdominal and baby blood tests are all okay. He only vomited several times on the first day, the next day no vomiting, no fever. In the afternoon and evening, the baby was given two bottles of water but still littered and started moaning.

“Day 3, morning baby was handed another bottle. The doctor concluded: “90% of the brain is brain and the brain needs to be checked.” However, when talking about the complications of brain hydrocephalus, the need for The decision of the family, his limbs are short, stand still, “Giang recalls

“I received an advice to diagnose early onset hydrocephalus to detect early baby disease and decided to do it. But when preparing to hydrocephalus, suddenly the treating doctor received the appointment from the chief doctor.

The doctor told us that the child had a severe cerebral hemorrhage due to neural tube defects in the brain itself. The surgery should be done as soon as possible to suck the blood from the brain, and if the defect is found, it will be treated, if not closed after a few months stable will find, surgery and cut later.

Revitalization from cerebral haemorrhage and warning messages from the mother

The family was taken out of the surgery door, Ms. Jiang decapitated unable to stand up, ears are thick, the heart is muffled. You just pray, believe strongly in your recovery.

“And miraculously, everyone thought the surgery had to last a few hours, but more than an hour had passed, and I was critically ill, with good results.” Luckily, he is fine after all.

Through his story, the mother also sent to other parents a small note about cerebral hemorrhage due to cerebral vascular deformities.

If you see your child vomiting, headache and diarrhea, think of the brain. Encephalitis may be fever or not. Hemorrhagic cerebral was not caused by any type of cerebral hemorrhage. There is no sign of cerebral hemorrhage, so anyone can have it.

Therefore, parents are very alert, because bleeding brain does not exclude anyone. Just suspect the child is sick, take the child to the hospital and ask the doctors with high expertise early.

Source: afamily 

Hoang Ngan

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