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80% of people do not know the use of shirt straps that they often cut, they are small but so useful
February 04 2019, 8:02 AM
The shirt straps that we kept asking what use they have turn out to be extremely useful.

You may have noticed that after buying a lot of clothes, the inside of the shirt always has a small part of the straps, but they are shorter, especially in the type of dress, sweater, most of them have these straps. Surely you will always wonder what these straps are used for, even many people cut it off because if they are not cut, these traps will be of no benefit, but when exposing to the straps, it will be seen very diffusion.

However, not as we thought, the extra-designed straps are of course useful, two straps of the shirt are used to store clothes, keep clothes in standard form, not to lose shape because of the weight of the water when being wet.

After washing clothes to dry, the shoulders of the shirt will be the place where suffer the whole weight of the clothes, pulling our clothes down, so the clothes are easily deformed, lost resiliency and form. After a long time, the clothes are no longer beautiful, lost aesthetics. But these two useful clothes straps will help to share the weight concentrating on both sides of the shirt to everywhere around, help the clothes to be preserved, avoid losing resiliency, our clothes are also more durable.

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So the next time you buy new clothes, do not rush to cut off the effective assistant to protect your clothes, immediately apply this secret to keep your clothes beautiful, remember to share with your friends about knowledge that 80% of people don’t know.

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