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8 Xmas dishes used to be a trend in the US, just the brave dare to eat the first one
December 24 2018, 8:59 AM
There were some dishes which were very popular on Christmas in the 1950s,  however, they are bizarre to current time because they contained ingredients that no one would think they could fit together.


In the 1950s, gelatin (a mixture used to make jelly and mousse condense) and mayonnaise became a trend toward American housewives. At that time, fridges were pricey so that a type of frozen food like jelly was a way to show off classiness and wealthy. Mayonnaise was welcomed thanks to its convenience. A bottle of sauce could be used for a long time and for many different dishes.

 Frozen salad cake: This is a salad dressing consisting of chicken, vegetables, mayonnaise and gelatin that are poured into a mold and then rest for several hours.

Candle-shape salad: Hellman’s Company wanted to create a new traditional dish for Christmas in order to increase their revenue. Thus, they came up with this recipe. The ingredients include cranberry sauce, grains, gelatin to thicken and … lots of mayonnaise. They put real candles in the middle of the dish before the mixture condensed in order to eaters can “light” this salad before eating.

Salad made from bananas and “candles”: Despite looking not good, this dish was not so bizarre if only having bananas thrust to jelly pieces. But after knowing the layer melting on the candle is the mayonnaise, you may think differently.

Xmas tree-shape Tuna: This Christmas dish is made from canned tuna and lots of mayonnaise, served with parsley decorated around.

Ring-Around-the-Tuna-garnished with curly endive and radish roses: There will be nothing to say if this dish only includes cheese and pate cubes. But in the 1967 Christmas Cooking Recipe, Good House Keeping decided to pour the cheese cubes into gelatin and gravy together to form a bizarre vegetable.

Wreath-shaped Salad: Wreath hanging on the front door is a familiar image on Xmas. Therefore, some cooking tutorial books had an intention to bring such image to the table. The dish containing a mixture of veggies mixed with the green Jell-O solution the poured into a mold, just like jelly. The ingredients are mixed with cheese and mayonnaise. In the middle is chicken or tuna salad.

Noel BBQ: Decorating barbecue was a trend that went virial toward housewives at this time. A bit of thigh meat is baked succulent, then covered with a layer of gelatin mixture to decorate.

Cranberry Salad: This dish looks like an ordinary dessert with cranberry, orange, apple, sugar, and gelatin. But this is actually a salad with lots of mayonnaise inside. This dish is served with vegetables and optional meats. Before eating, people are advised to add a few tablespoons of mayonnaise to increase the taste.

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