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8 children infected with HIV by eating bananas injected with HIV blood puzzled public opinion?
December 05 2018, 3:09 PM
In recent years, food has become a commodity for wholesalers that many people are hospitalized due to poisoning.

But recently, the society has raised the rumor that eating bananas can make people infect with HIV. Many people are so puzzled that they are not sure what to eat to ensure safety when surrounded by poisonous food.

The truth about the rumors that eight children eat HIV-infected bananas shocked public opinion.

As a result, eighteen 17-year-olds were hospitalized with fever, chills, fatigue after eating bananas, and the results of the tests were all positive for HIV.

To confirm the cause, doctors took the banana samples that the eight children ate for the experiment, all the bananas contained the HIV virus and the body would be infected when consuming bananas.

The bananas were bought at Walmart in Tulsa, Oklahoma, so the agency immediately collected a batch of ripe bananas at Walmart stores in the United States and warn citizens not to eat bananas during this time.

Studies show that HIV can be killed many hours after exposure. 

Along with that information, many social accounts also spread pictures of bananas with reddish marks that people believe that it is blood immediately and infected with HIV.

However, according to some people’s analysis, this is just a fabricated information to greatly affect the banana trade in the market. Because the life cycle of the HIV virus is very short and it is easy to die when it is out of the body for several hours.

So the HIV virus can not live in the air, water or food for a long time. And until now, there have been no reports of HIV transmission due to blood contact.

Therefore, it can be deduced that the appearance of red spots as blood color is just because the banana is too ripe and infected with some rotten mushrooms. In fact, there is no HIV- infected banana as people think.

And the reason why the eight children infected HIV after eating banana, experts and authorities will continue to investigate clarification.


Xuan Tr

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