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70-year-old man plays game more professionally than the young, he also shouts at team- mate that they are so amateur
August 02 2018, 4:11 PM
It is known that before becoming a LOL gamer, he had been a " professional gamer" of " Cross Fire".

The video of the account is named N.K.H shared by his own captured in his internet shop and the player is a 70-year-old man. At first, he thinks that the old man come to relax or chat for fun but when seeing how he plays and his level shows that he has experience in playing this game for quite a long time. What makes N.K.H also surprised is that his level is quite high, almost equivalent to the professional gamers.

For those who have played action games such as PUBG, it is well known that gaming requires a high level of concentration and mind agility. But at the age of 70, he was able to play so well, so how good his intellect is. Make sure that many young men do not dare to challenge him!

The sudden and fast “interview” of two young people with him revealed to us about the achievements of the game can not be ignored. Accordingly, he shared the game “PUBG” since this game was released. It is known that before becoming a LOL gamer, he had been a ” professional gamer” of ” Cross Fire”.

This ” professional gamer” can play game all day

When playing a game, he was really focus

Every terrain, every rival is defeated

It seems that the age is not  his problem

After posted on the social network immediately he video attracted and received thousands of likes in a short time. Numerous netizens expressed the respect for old man.

Watch video:


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