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70-cm wife tries her best to give birth to beautiful twins; her husband burst out into tears when seeing her writhing in pain
January 03 2019, 10:22 AM
Despite facing up to many risks in order to keep both newborns, 39-year-old mother still decided to give birth naturally.

Chen Guoqin, who lives in Chongqing, China is only 70 cm tall. She is suddenly pregnant with a twins at the age of 39. Mrs. Chen and her 58-year-old husband had to live in in both happiness and anxiety when this woman’s physical health made it difficult to keep and give birth to twins.

When Chen was pregnant at the 5th month, the couple went to the hospital for ultrasound and found out that this was a double pregnancy. In the worm of this 39-year-old woman, there were is twin girls. Despite the fact that her body was too small in comparison other normal women, Mrs. Chen decided to keep both babies. However, one of the two babies was unable to survive to the end and lost life while still living in the womb.

The lucky baby was born safely. Girl weighed 1.75 kg and was 41 cm high. However, due to prematurity and severe hypoxia, girl was immediately taken to the intensive care room of the Xinqiao Hospital. After giving birth, Mrs. Chen was also taken to a private care room for further check.

One problem that everyone is worried about is whether the other girl has hereditary diseases from her mother. According to the doctor, if the mother is a Gnomes (a dwarf), it is very likely that her child will also be inherited. Although there are still a lot of difficulties to face, Chen do not regret when giving birth.

A nurse asked Chen why she was risking and determined to give birth to both children, Chen said it was the mother’s mission. Her husband did not criticize her and decided to get married with her, so she wanted to give him a child.

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