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7-year-old daughter vomits all day, the doctor says: “If you want your child to get better, let’s divorce your husband as soon as possible”
February 07 2019, 1:09 AM
The daughter has vomited for a week, so the mother took her to the hospital, the reason makes everyone afraid. 

Today, in modern society, it also appears many different temptations, so divorce in young couples is increasing. So after those divorces how do children think? When they were too young, they had to live with un-normal parent.

7-year-old daughter vomits all day. When going to the hospital, the doctor says: If you want your child to get better, go to divorce as soon as possible.

A few days ago, netizens are concerning about stories and images of the intelligence of a 7-year-old girl whose parents are divorced, and her mother has just married. It has attracted the attention and comments of the online community.

The story above is determined in China, her parents divorced when she was 7. Since then she returned to live with her mother, but not long after her mother remarried with a man who had the same situation in the village, and the story also begins from there.

The mother takes her daughter to the hospital when the daughter has vomited after a week

But the doctor concluded that if she wanted her daughter to get better, there’s only one way: Divorce

The young mother burst into tears when she knew all of the daughter’s action. The daughter only wants her to escape the evil husband. 

Although she was only 7 years old, she had sad experience with her mother. The baby witnessed her stepfather scold to her mother, so she tried to find a way to help her mother escape stepfather.

After that, the baby vomited in the early morning, the first day her mother thought it was only mild poisoning so she didn’t notice. But the situation continues happening for over a week, the young mother finally worried and let her go to the doctor. The doctor, the conclusion about her illness was not what she thought she was not pregnant, the doctor said: ” she has no problem, the problem is her”

The current article still receives a lot of people’s comments: “Why 7-year-old baby can act like that, she may be spurred?” a netizen is skeptical about the baby’s action.

Currently, the images still receive the attention of everyone.


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