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7-month pregnant woman was beaten and strangled by her husband on the street
December 12 2018, 11:50 AM
"Domestic violence" occurs right on the street and the victim is a pregnant woman.

Recently a video of a pregnant woman being mistreated by her husband on the street. One of the witnesses at the scene said that while walking, she suddenly caught a crowd screaming in the middle of the street to stop a fight between the couple. This couple grabbed their shirt, grabbed their hair and fought in the middle of street.

According to the clip recorded at the scene, the husband (in red shirt) pressed his wife to the ground and sat up, strangled his wife although his wife is pregnant Everyone there confirmed that they are married, 7-8 months pregnant wife, the cause of the scuffle is only due to small disagreements in life. After the clip was posted, everyone was strongly critical of the husband’s actions in the clip.

The husband pressed his wife’s belly

The incident caused many people scared

Watch video:

Video credit: Collected


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