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7-month-old baby girl had a hard-to-say disease, the reason is her grandfather, which made the whole family disbelieve the truth
January 29 2019, 2:44 PM
7-month-old daughter suddenly cried loudly; parents were surprised when knowing the heart-breaking truth.

Parents don’t know the reason why the daughter cries. And when the mother examines her whole body, she is frighten that the baby’s private area is full of vesicles. Therefore, she took her daughter to the hospital, and the result is sexually transmitted diseases.

The case of 7-month-old baby made many people puzzled. Even a mother didn’t believe in the result. The baby was too young, why did she suffer from a “tactful’ disease like that? External inspection also showed no signs of sexual abuse.

The doctor confirmed that she was infected from her family, but neither her father and mother had this disease at all. Finally, they realized the main reason was from her grandfather.

Because the husband and wife often work busy, their mother-in-law passed away early, and financial conditions were not enough to hire babysitters, the baby were taken to care for their grandfather. Thinking that he wasn’t convenient for his daughter to bathe, every day, the wife tries to leave early to clean her child.

When the husband returned home and said the doctor’s words, grandfather only shy and blushed. After the son persuaded, he admitted that he didn’t let her wear diapers during the day because he was afraid of her buttocks. Therefore, every day, he washes with her clothes with his clothes.

How many years did my mother-in-law passed away and now he got the disease? He admitted he had dated with a girl at the hairdresser recently, but he didn’t expect that she had spread her disease to him.

Doctors say that some sexually transmitted diseases have a longer incubation period and it can be easily transmitted to others. Sexually transmitted diseases sometimes pass through the patient’s clothes.

Source: ezvivi3


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