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7 misconceptions about acne that 90% people still believe in it
February 13 2019, 9:51 AM
Ances does not pose a health risk but seriously affects your appearance and mood. People with acne often tend to treat themselves according to folk tips, but this has made the situation worse.

Followings are 7 things that you have been mistaken about acne so far!

Diet does not affect acne to raise

There are many ancient studies suggest that there is no relation between food and acne. But modern science has proved the opposite.

If you eat too much sweet, sugar will stimulate insulin production and excess may cause acne. So if you have acne, limit sugar-rich foods, bread, soda, chocolate or beer.

Hormones contained in milk increase lubricant production, causing acne to raise.

This excess will narrow the pores and make acne worse.

Several foods help smooth skin:

Low sugar products such as cashew nuts, cauliflower, and cucumber will reduce the appearance of acne.

Zinc is found in eggs, meat, mushrooms, and produce to restore skin.

Vitamin A helps acne heal faster, so increase the amount of vegetables, carrots, cabbage or spinach on your daily diet.

Smoking helps acne raise more

Many people believe that smoking is an increase in acne, but this is not really true. Smoking is not the cause of acne, it only slows the process of skin regeneration, taking longer time for acne to heal.

If you quit smoking, your skin will be brighter, acne will heal faster.

Cosmetics that make acne worse

Not all cosmetics make skin rashes, ‘noncomedogenic’ cosmetics are reserved for acne or problem skin.

When acne raises, it is advisable to avoid cosmetics containing alcohol and oil, alcohol to dry and irritate the skin, because the rash makes acne appear more. Oil makes skin oily, clogging pores.

Priority should be given to products containing aloe, retinol, peptide 10. These ingredients help skin heal faster and recover better.

Sunbathing helps to remove acne

UV rays stimulate the activity of sebaceous glands, causing acne. This is the reason why you should not sunbathe if you have acne.

Stress causes acne

Stress is not the cause of acne, but if your skin is already acne-prone, stress can make acne worse.

Wash your face often to get rid of acne

Acne, blackheads are all caused by excess sebum that clogs pores. This is why you can wash your face a lot but acne still does not decrease. Even washing your face can cause additional irritation. Sulfate-containing soaps (SLS, SLES) can dry skin.

Toothpaste helps to remove acne

Toothpaste containing baking soda, oil, hydrogen peroxide, menthol, and triclosan can dry out acne but can also cause irritation and rash.

You should use benzoyl peroxide-based acne treatments, developed to treat acne.

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