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7 inhuman dishes but many people are still thoughtless to enjoy them!
December 01 2018, 9:49 AM
According to some countries, these dishes are very unique and nutritious. However, the processing and enjoyment are quite ruthless.

1. Goose liver

This dish dates back to 2500 BC in ancient Egypt and has a very attractive flavor, rich in butter and melted in the mouth when tasted. Today, it is a famous luxury dish associated with France.

In fact, the controversy of this dish is the way goose farms do. To fatten these poor geese, the farm owner does not hesitate to force the duck or goose to eat through the pipe before harvesting the meat and liver.

2. Grilled nightingale

This popular dish in France and Western Europe is one of the main reasons for the decline in the number of birds in the wild. Simply because Bunting – a species of nightingale is not artificially propagated, it is completely hunted from the wild. Then they were kept captive for 12 to 28 days.

They were interfered with blindness, hardened in dark cages, fed millets continuously until they were 2-4 times larger than the original. The remaining hair was carefully removed to ensure that the best fat can not lose. Just 5-7 minutes of high temperature baking is ready for the cruel dish.

3. Raw monkey brain

Despite the lack of authenticity in improving human health, this dish has led to over-exploitation of monkeys in nature in Indonesia. Although it is considered as Chinese food, monkey brains are also used as food in Africa, South America and Southeast Asia. The act of enjoying the dish as soon as the monkey was alive made many people angry and protest.

4. Dog meat

The favorite food of many countries such as Vietnam, Korea, China is considered to be horrible for Westerners and Muslims. Not only does it refer to religious beliefs, the captivity of dogs and slaughter are considered cruel and terrifying to any animal lover as the owners of these dogs.

5. Cat meat

Like dogs, cats are animals that live together with humans. Cat meat, or processed meat from domestic cats, is used in some countries such as China, Vietnam, Peru … Main cause is due to the idea that eating cat will bring lucky again, health …

6, Bird’s Nests

Swallow is a species called ‘gut to the child’ due to the characteristics of the nest of saliva binding the grass and pain to threw its own fur added. Nutritional value and financial profit has made people constantly exploit this food source, even when taking the nest they intentionally left a little. These innocent birds continue to rebuild, the saliva is not enough for the birth season which leads to hemorrhage, hair loss to the wings.

7. Shark fin

Shark fin soup is one of the most expensive dishes from China. This dish was considered to be the food of the upper strata. The main ingredient for this dish is shark fins and to get fins, they are forced to catch and kill sharks. This is what animal lovers and protectors argue about its humanity.

Kim Ngan Do

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