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7 foods containing natural poisons that you should remember to process carefully
December 31 2018, 11:32 AM
There are foods that contain natural toxins, you should to prevent poisoning

“Yesterday, my area had a family poisoning incident at the hospital.” According to tests, doctors concluded: “The cyanide poison in bamboo shoots causes poisoning”. It turned out that due to improper processing of bamboo shoots, during the cooking process, the natural self-toxin emitted itself. It’s so dangerous for moms, now you have to be careful, but you need to eat harmful things. You also need to keep in mind 7 types of natural toxin foods that we eat every day below to protect the safe house!

1. Poison in bamboo shoots

Natural toxins in fresh bamboo shoots have a large name called Cyanide, which accounts for about 230mg / kg of bamboo shoots. When people eat fresh bamboo shoots containing more Cyanide, under the action of digestive enzymes, Cyanide immediately turns into cyanhydric acid, which is an extremely toxic substance to the body.

People who are poisoned by using fresh bamboo shoots without boiling, or drinking bamboo shoots. Cyanid in bamboo shoots is absorbed quickly through the gastrointestinal tract and then into organs. Mild poisoning, after a few hours there will be manifestations: dizziness, headache, nausea, vomiting. Severe difficulty breathing, mixed, low blood pressure, coma, convulsions, jaw hardening, even death after a few minutes if not timely emergency.


– It is recommended to wash thoroughly, soak bamboo shoots in water for several hours and boil them once or twice before eating.

– Boiled and soaked bamboo shoots until the bamboo has a sour smell, yellowing, cyanide content is only about 9mg per kg of bamboo shoots.

2. Toxins from carp 

Very delicious and nutritious carp fish, always a fish that many housewives choose to buy for family meal processing. However, honey carp is very poisonous by containing alcool causing hemorrhage, internal injuries, especially renal tubules. In addition, this substance after entering the stomach, is absorbed into the blood to the liver, kidneys cause liver failure and acute renal failure.

Symptoms appear 1-2 hours after taking fish bile: patients find discomfort, abdominal pain, nausea or diarrhea, 1 day later, it appears that the urination is less then anuria, possibly bipedal edema, headache, increased blood pressure, mild jaundice, progression to kidney failure, liver failure, and death if not taken to the hospital for prompt dialysis.


– When fish preliminary processing should gently clean the intestines and take out the bile, do not let the broken bile cause poisoning to the fish

– Absolutely not swallow or drink bile to not be sick according to rumors.

3. Sea jellyfish

Sea jellyfish are invertebrates, living in the sea or in saltwater areas. The salad dishes or cooking noodles from jellyfish are very delicious. However, eating jellyfish during their breeding season is very dangerous because they often accumulate many toxins that can cause food poisoning, affecting human health.

Living jellyfish contain many toxins, accidentally touching will cause allergies, burning, burns. When toxins enter the human body can cause headaches, chest tightness, cyanosis, sweating, shortness of breath, nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain and prolonged diarrhea, fast, small, low blood vessels. blood pressure…


To ensure safety, to process milk thoroughly, soak jellyfish three times in salt water, alum give off poison … then use

4. Poison from mushrooms

In fact, there are many types of fungi: there are healthy and poisonous mushrooms, anyone who unfortunately eat poisonous mushrooms will appear poisoning symptoms such as nausea, diarrhea, convulsions, hallucinations … after 6-24 Post-feeding hours lead to liver failure and acute renal failure. The risk of death is very high if not detected and treated promptly.


– Do not eat strange mushrooms, try new mushrooms, roadside mushrooms

– Preliminarily clean mushrooms before processing because even though they are edible, there can still be pesticides

5. Poison in cassava

This is a food containing natural toxins. In cassava contains cyanide poison. When boiled, especially boiled in large quantities, this substance will close scum on the surface of the water. People who eat this substance with a high concentration will be poisoned.


– The best way to remove cyanide is peeling, then soak in cold water for many hours before boiling. In addition, while boiling should open the lid of the pot to allow cyanide to fly away, then the amount of toxic substances will be significantly reduced.

6.Moldy Peanut

Fresh peanuts (peanuts) are good nutrients for the human body. But if the storage is not good, in a humid environment …, peanuts are easily moldy. Mold on peanuts is very poisonous, people who eat must be poisoned with symptoms: abdominal pain, vomiting, diarrhea …


– Prevention by drying, good preservation, avoid moldy- Do not eat

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