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60-year-old man turns ugly bamboo into fancy LV handbag
October 05 2018, 2:05 PM
This kind of craft is similar to how they made customized high fashion!

There is a wonderful old carpenter in Guangxi, China, who can make all kinds of delicate objects from bamboo. This time he made handbag out of bamboo.

This video was filmed in Guangxi,China In August 28th 2018,

The handbag is made from scratch

With a lot of hardwork

And calculation…

The carpenter is 60 years old, his name Mr yang. he learnt the craft in 16 years old.

He has been a carpenter for 44 years.

Bamboo seems an unlikely plant to produce a soft fabric: it has no fluffy buds like cotton, obvious fine strings of silk or the bendiness of flax used to make linen. Traditional uses of bamboo in Asia are feeding pandas and building strong solid construction scaffolding.

But now, bamboo is the most popular alternative for wood powder to make paper and clothes

Bamboo also acts as a ‘carbon sink’ as it grows, taking carbon dioxide out of the air and turning it to plant mass – all growing plants do this, but bamboo does it much faster, replacing up to 30% of its biomass per year compared to under 5% for most trees. The yields of bamboo per area are also high in comparison to trees and cotton – although a cotton farmer hearing this and wanting to switch could never do so without also moving farm locations by thousands of kilometres to a totally different climate! The final product, the fabric, is varied in appearance and feel , but manufacturers claim an array of properties that make it seem “Space Age”, not a product of a plant used since the Stone Age!

We should choose product with a positive impact on our planet!

As the world’s industrial populations come to understand their real and negative impact on the health of the global environment, and consequently, the health of every living thing on earth, and we should choose product with a positive impact on our planet!

Watch here:

Video source: Newsflare


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