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6-year-old girl suffered gynecological inflammation with severe swollen private area due to wearing ‘pretty pants’
January 27 2019, 9:58 AM
When the mother heard the doctor announce the result of her child suffering from gynecological problems, she was shocked.

Until now, many people still think that gynecological problems are only found in adult women or those who have already had sex. However, this disease is on a rejuvenation and children can still suffer. If parents do not know how to properly care for their children before puberty, your baby will be able to get this disease.

At the specialties in many hospitals, the number of children with gynecological diseases brought to the clinic by the parents is increasing. The manifestations of the disease, like women of reproductive age, are pruritic private part, abdominal pain, vaginal discharge, peeing or enuresis. There are many reasons for the situation of young children with gynecological infections, but the main cause often comes from the wrong care of parents.

Ms. Tian’s ​​daughter (Wuhan, China) is 6 years old this year, because she likes to dress her daughter for swank, so she often surfs the Internet to buy many kinds of princess dresses, skinny leggings for her.

Recently, Ms. Tian has found that her daughter always rubbed her legs, she thought that her daughter began to develop early. Then she discovered that her panties were often filled with vaginal discharge. Taking her child to the hospital to check, the result of her daughter having gynecological diseases, Ms. Tian was extremely shocked, ‘Why is the 6-year-old child having gynecological disease?’.

Looking at her dress, the doctor thought that it was likely that the pants were too tight, and non-breathable fabric. At the moment, Ms. Tian recalled, many times the child said it was uncomfortable to wear pants, but she thought that the child was not obedient, she immediately burst into tears because of regret.

The doctor further explained, when wearing tight or damp clothes, the private part would be a ‘great’ place for the bad bacteria to function. It leads to many gynecological diseases such as vaginal fungi, vaginal infections.

There are many other mistakes of parents who inadvertently cause children to have gynecological diseases such as poor hygiene for their children, do not regularly deworm them and cause them to become infected with worms and vaginitis, let them wear damp clothes, use high-level antiseptic soaps to wash children continuously, let children share many household items such as towels, clothes, toilets …

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