The 6-year-old girl climbed out of the window to play, then fell from the tower block, the fault of careless parent
Children are our invaluable treasure, but why many parents are so careless that some heart-breaking accidents like this can easily happen.

Because of earning money, many parents now have not enough time for their children, can not talk with them to every problems daily.

Recently, the video recorded the scene of a little girl falling down from the tower block, which has gone viral on social work. Many netizens has been threatened and obsessive about the "suicide" of her.

The tower block is where the accident happened, you can see that the block is really high.

The group of neighbors next door suddenly see a girl sitting on the rail of window which is in the house at the high floor of this block. Maybe she is home alone and creates this "dangerous game". 

Want to this game more interesting, she challenges herself to climb out of the window as a spiderman.

At the beginning, she expresses her excitement and enjoyment, but a few seconds later, her hands are too weak to stand her body's strength. Therefore, she tries to climb into the house.

However, she doesn't know that turning back home is so difficult. The little girl struggles in the air to come inside home again. When not bearing anymore, she is free-fallen from the high floor to the ground. No one knows, expect those neighbors.

Finally, the little girl doesn't save her life just because of a "dangerous game". It is really not worth to pass away like this. Such a pitiful girl!

The accident happens as a warning for parents, always pay attention to children. Because, just be careless in one minute, you can lose your child forever.

Let's watching some last moments of her:

Hoang Yen

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