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6 month-old baby hugs and hangs on to the older sister, which made millions of netizens heart-melting, tangerine sister does not leave the melt million hearts
August 08 2018, 4:11 PM
The beautiful moments touched millions of netizens' heart.

The image of the baby hugged her sister to her, moreover, she constantly rubbed her face to her sister. Her emotion expressed she didn’t want to leave her sister, which attracted thousands of views because she’s so lovely.

A video recorded the lovely moment draw lots of attentions after posting on the social network.

In the video, the older sister Happy Nowah is very emotional and she also likes to cuddle Indi. But things have changed after Indi got older.

Indi didn’t want to leave her sister, she hugged her sister tightly.

Happy Nowah also love Indi, she constantly kisses on her sister’s forehead.

Watching video:


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