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5 years in love, 60-year-old “Cinderella” discovered that her husband is a billionaire in Dubai, she has $100,000 pocket money
December 08 2018, 9:49 AM
Although being 60-year-old, it isnt too late to become a Cinderella.

Mrs. Muna, a 60-year-old Thailand woman who unexpectedly discovered her true love turned out to be a wealthy Dubai man. Her life suddenly changes from the a normal woman to a “queen”.

In the past, she got married with a man but the marriage was not successful.

3 years ago she suddenly met a Dubai man.

They had a romantic relationship during 5 years. Moreover, Muna and this Dubai man regularly talk through phone to international long distance.

It was not until they got married that Muna was “shocked” when she knew her husband is one of the five richest billionaires in Dubai. The villa that couples “Elder Cinderella” is as wide and beautiful as the palace, in the house there are up to 16 servants who are always on duty for day and night …

The only problem is that her “prince” had four wives. However, the love and support of her husband helped her to quickly remove the obstacles to adapt to new luxury life.

Now, Muna’s daily work is only to receive $6 million/ month to go shopping, spa and take part in parties.


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