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5-year-old boy passed away after a month of being bitten by a dog, his parents burst into tears when holding the test 
February 12 2019, 3:42 PM
5-year-old son passed away after more than a month when he was bitten by dogs.

On 8-12, Huynh Cong Quang, the Head of Infectious Disease Control – Preventive Medicine Center, said in the CSF sample and the skin biopsy samples of the patient, Bui Hoang Phi Long (2013), he is negative for rabies (no rabies virus).

The baby passed away when he was bitten by a dog after a month

“As soon as we were diagnosed with rabies, we took samples for testing. According to the results, the samples sent for testing was negative for rabies. Based on the scientific basis and the incubation period, we exclude the possibility that Long passed away due to rabies. The cause of death is due to other tests, he said.

Previously, on October 28, Long was bitten by a dog. After that, he had some signs related to rabies, so he was transferred to Da Nang Hospital for treatment. On November 25, he went to the Preventive Medicine Center to get vaccinated and serum. About five days later, he was transferred to the hospital. However, his health became worse. On 6-12, Long passed away. However, after the regrettable case, people still thought that he passed away because of rabies.


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