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The 5-month-old baby is shy when talking with his Mom, which makes a million netizens want to have a baby
July 23 2018, 11:02 AM
The baby is just 5 months old but she knows how to talk and plays with her mother that is extremely lovely.

Talking to children plays a vital role in the process of building positive relationships with them as well as helps them develop good behaviors and social skills. The more children know the words, the more they think, because they think through words.

You can even start this process from the neonatal stage, before your child can speak a word. You can start by imitating the sounds your child makes. If your child makes sounds from his or her mouth, let’s repeat these sounds so he or she begins to understand that making sounds is connecting with an important person in his or her world. He or she will know that you are there and you are carrying out a “newborn language conversation” with the child.

The baby in this clip is a great example that approves the importance of talking with newborn baby.

Her name is Kitty.

She is just 5 months old.

However, she is really smart. 

She knows how to talk with her Mom. 

She is even shy when her Mom reply her.

How cute she is!


Watching video: 

Xuan Trinh



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