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5 habits of fathers caused birth of encephalatrophy, malformation, which should leave right away!
December 01 2018, 9:43 PM
If your husband has these bad habits, you need to remind him to change them in order to have a healthy baby.

Whoever is a mother wishes to be able to give birth to a healthy child, but if the baby is not expected, then it is not her fault. Dad’s daily habit is also one of the important causes of the fetus’ status poor or healthy..

Specifically, if the father has the following bad habits, the risk of birth defects, brain atrophy or premature birth is very high. So you have to remind your husband absolutely!.

1. Drinking alcohol frequently

If the father addicts drinking alcohol, the fetus will be more likely to face abnormal growth. The reason is that alcohol is bad for the health. The fetus is susceptible to birth defects, developmental delays or problems of behaviour.

Therefore, right from the preparation for pregnancy, you should remind your husband to stop drinking alcohol, both to harm himself and the surrounding people also get diseases.

2. Smoking

Many father mistakenly believe that smoking cigarettes, just poison himself. But the fact is that smoking cigarettes often causes pregnancy to suffer many negative effects. The fact is that mothers who smoke in passive (inhaling cigarette smoke from others) breathe in benzopyrene, which is five times more likely to cause cancer than people who smoke directly. In the cigarettes, there are more than 20 toxic ingredients, which can cause chromosomal and mutated genes, causing serious harm to the embryo, can lead to miscarriage, premature birth or fetal death.

3. Saying bad words to the pregancy wife

After pregnancy, the shape of the body changes, not as sexy and slim as before, sometimes some men speak scornfully of their wives because of her body. This is not very good and detrimental for fetal development.

4. ‘Doing it’ at the unsuitable time

This demand during pregnancy is not completely taboo. However, in some cases, the mother should ban husband having overfamiliar actions, otherwise it will affect the baby in the abdomen.

The actions are too rough or unhealthy will have a huge impact on your baby’s health. According to statistics, the first 3 months having 10 to 18% of miscarriages are due to ‘love’ in the wrong way.

5. Being stressful all the time

Stress seems to occupy an important place in modern life. Stress can cause a miscarriage, even a major impact on whether a woman can conceive. Even father’s worries still have a significant impact on the miscarriage of the mother.

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