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47-year-old teach was in critical condition after 10 days of dying her hair, doctor warns 5 types of people getting away from dying
October 21 2018, 8:18 AM
The case of a Chinese teacher being in critical condition alerts many people about hair dying.

If Ms. Zhao, 47, from Dalian, China had not had her hair dying, she would have been still enthusiastic about teaching in class. But it was too late. Applying hair dying had spoiled her life.

According to Zhao’s husband, after dying hair, she came home, she appeared allergic state. However,  she lied that she had a cold due to fear of her husband’s concern. Two days later, her condition didn’t improve but became more severe. On the face appear red tears, puffy eyes.

For 4 days, her condition is still unchanged, her eyes are so swollen that she can not see anything, even breathing is difficult and death is on her way to the hospital.

The case raises an alarming warn to those who love dying hair because the dying-hair liquid contain substances that can be allergic to your body.

Doctors warn people who are allergic to dye or have weak skin structure; pregnant and lactating against dying hair.

You should be aware of signs and symptoms of hair dying

Itchiness, flaking, or red rashes on your eyelids, ears, neck, or face

Puffiness of the face

Rashes on the scalp

If have recently dyed your hair and are experiencing any of these symptoms, it is likely that you have an allergic reaction. The reaction can kick in within 2 to 3 days of dyeing your hair and can last for weeks. But don’t worry because you can soothe and treat the symptoms with the remedies listed below.

If you have any sings of allergic, you should go to doctor immediately to receive appropriate treatment.

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