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4-year-old boy was painful and cried all night because of the small pimples, the mother squeeze pus out for the child to see the maggots!
December 06 2018, 2:12 PM
A mother in Africa was shocked to see four red spots on her son's body, including on the head, chest, leg and finger.

At first, the mother thought it was just a normal acne and would quickly get out.

However, the boy then started crying for pain, especially at night. The mother took him to see the doctor but did not see anything unusual.

Then three days later, one of the four pimples of the boy broke out with pus. The mother squeezed the pus out and she witnessed a horrific scene – a live maggot emerging from the pimple.

Immediately, the mother called the doctor and her doctor advised her to squeeze the remaining pimples. Again, a terrible truth, all those spots had maggots alive.

After squeezing all of four spots, the mother sterilized and applied antibiotic cream to her son as a prescriber. Finally, after four days of suffering, the boy slept well.

From the test results show that tumbu fly is the culprit of the incident. These flies lay eggs on clothing exposed outside the door. When the boy dressed, the egg began to reside on the boy’s skin. From there they spawn and produce maggots.

At night, these maggots will crawl around, causing extreme pain. That is the explanation why the boy felt pain and discomfort when going to bed. And, not only infants, or even adults can also be infected with parasites, typically like tumbu flies.

In addition, the larvae of the Human Botfly are also commonly found on humans skin.

Doctors also recommend that people pay attention to signs of parasitic infections such as rash, umbilical arthritis, indigestion, flatulence, fatigue, unexplained fatigue.

Kim Ngan Do

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