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4 supermarket tips revealed by the hard-core housewives from all over the world
July 29 2018, 11:02 AM
These are tips to help you to buy products with best quality and prices!

Nowadays who do not want to buy and choose the freshest, most nutritious food to enjoy for themselves and families? However, many manufacturers and retailers often focus on profit and use different ways to sell less quality goods.These tips will help you fight the fraud of the store and be wise in choosing your best items!

1. Avoid repackaged foods

One of the points that you need to pay attention first is that you should avoid buying individually packaged foods with small slices – common such ass cold meats, cheese, veggies … There is high chance that these foods are already expired or about to.

  Be careful with packaged food

The actual packaging date does not reveal to you too much real information. Why? Because they can be changed many times a day. Even fresh foods in the package also attract a great deal of bacteria. So, either you ask someone in the store to sell food and pack food in front of you, or choose the goods that are packaged clean, reputable by the big business.

2. Be careful with ready-made salad

When you buy ready-made salads, you should notice that the salad has a lot of garlic, too spicy because they are more likely to be added to camouflage the fresh goods.

They use more garlic and pepper to hide the spoiled food

When choosing salad, you should notice that salad with meat, fish expire faster than vegetable salad, oil mixed salad, mayonnaise. Also, consider whether or not your store complies with food safety regulations.

For example, salads are made available on glass or metal plates – (food is easily oxidized in a metal plate). Does each dish have a separate scoop for picking, mixing, or disposable waiter wear when touching food?

3. Check the status of packaging

The staffs know how to make products look fresher than they really are

If the packaging is deformed, cracked, torn, creased … that is a sign of the product falling or is quite old. You need to consider when buying such “defective” products.

4. Check the goods carefully, carefully

Shop staff always know how to showcase their products to look perfect. But your task is to check carefully what products have been “hidden”.

Check if the products are intact

For example, the light in the supermarket makes all the meats and fruits look fresh and juicy. You can ask the store staff to take a small part to get a closer look then choose the freshest, best food.

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