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4 simple methods that help you to have perfect baby skin
August 09 2018, 5:09 PM
You can improve your facial skin a lot by following these beauty tips below.

1. Use anti- aging cream early

Using anti-aging cream is a way to help you to prevent wrinkles

To Korean women, keeping their faces fresh and intense skin is their pride. Therefore, they always put the anti-aging problem as a priority. Women are recommended to use anti-aging cream since the age of 20.

2. Supply water for the skin

Remember to drink enough water

Water is the life source for the skin. Women need to drink a lot of water, not only provide moisture from the outside through the cream, they also added “skin food” from the inside through the drink. In addition to drinking water, supplement vitamins for the skins through fresh vegetables as an integral part of your dishes. This will help to promote new cells actively grow for skin renewal every day.

3. Apply face massage

In addition to optimizing the anti-aging cream, women should also have facial massage to relax muscles and delay the natural aging process. Facial massage improves blood circulation and lymphatic system.

Step 1: Rub your finger from the forehead to your temple, repeat 3 times.

Step 2: Press the temples for 3-4 seconds.

Step 3: Press and hold for 3-4 seconds starting from the eyes and then moving down the cheeks and chin.

Step 4: Slightly slap your face with the tips of your fingers.

Step 5: Use both hands to rub your face inside out, repeat 3 times.

4. Do gym for the face

Shout out words every morning for facial muscles to be practiced

Facial muscles also need to be practiced like other muscle groups of the body. Firm facial muscles helps maintain youthful appearance and anti-aging. With very simple exercises: Shout out the words “a, e, i, o, u”, several times in every day morning and evening . This helps to reduce the appearance of wrinkles on non-moving muscles.

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