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4 kinds of milk shake help thin ladies weight gain fastly after a week, which every Eve should know
August 06 2018, 3:08 PM
Drinking milk is the best and most effective method to increase your body's nutrition, keep your fit and lighten your skin.

Condensed milk

The simplest and easiest way to do this is to mix a thick paste with warm water. Condensed milk is made from cow’s milk with enough nutrients to provide for our body, so instead of boiling other types of milk, you only need to take 2-3 teaspoons of condensed milk, stir well, then drink.

According to the nutritionist, drinking condensed milk daily not only promotes weight gain, but it is also proven to increase height, provide nutrients, increase concentration, reduce stress and many other benefits in preventing illness. Therefore, not only the skinny people but everyone should drink milk every day to make yourself more beautiful.

Pumpkin milk

– Peel pumpkin, wash, cut into pieces then steam them until they’re soft. After that, you use the spoon to grind, then put them into the blender and press the blender in about 1 minute.

– Add fresh milk with sugar, condensed milk, coconut milk, then press the blender again to mix materials.

– Pour the mixture of milk into the pot, put on the stove and cook until boiling.

– Finally, wait for the temperature of milk decreasing, then pour into the plastic bottle and put in the refrigerator to drink. Pumpkin milk is soft, sweet and very cool, can be used for 2-3 days.

Peanut milk

– Roasting peanuts on pan until they turn to yellow and smell good, then turn off the stove and wait for peanuts to be cooller, then remove their shell.

– Put them in the pot with 2.5 liters of water, boil them tuntil they’re soft, then continue to wait for the cold. After that, put the peanuts to the blender and grind smoothly with a little sugar.

– Pour the mixture of peanuts through the filter, only take the fine water, the more time we use filter, the smoother we get the milk.

– Finally, put the mixture into the pot to boil, add fresh milk, condensed milk and stir well. Delicious peanut milk will be a great method to weight gain for all skinny ladies, if you want to drink cold, just add a few ice cubes.

Corn milk

– Remove the corn seeds and put to the blender to grind softly. Then use the filter to take the corn water, remove the residue separately.

– Boil corn milk with a large fire until boiling. Remember still put the pot on the stove, but with the low fire, then add sugar and stirring until the mixture is fresher, then boil for a few minutes until the milk is treacly. It’s time to turn off the kitchen.

– Pour milk into the cup, you can drink hot or put in the refrigerator.

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